Is a Lack of Trust Driving Away Your Success? 5 Tips to Boost Trust in an Organization

As a leader, your priorities are vast. However, nothing takes a higher priority than building trust in your team and organization. Without trust, you get high turnover, reduced performance and revenue, and a lot of stress. With trust and a good plan, your firm can flourish. In working with organizations, my horses repeatedly show that […]

Fight for What you Want!

In business and life, sometimes you have to fight for what you want. You must declare what you want and go after it with vigor. This is especially true for growing a business and in pursuing your dreams. You must be the champion of your own success. But who are you really fighting? After working […]

Are You a Noble Leader?

In today’s heated race for the White House, the worst qualities of our leaders are on display. Every day we are subject to more political infighting, bickering and finger-pointing. What kind of an example are we setting for the youth? What happened to constructive debate and respectfully agreeing to disagree? What happened to tolerance and […]

Balance through Transitions

Now is a time of transition. Cooler weather and shorter days are great reminders that time is passing and nothing lasts forever. I always feel an urgency this time of year, like a squirrel scurrying about hiding nuts, making sure that all is in order for winter. I can easily get caught up in ensuring […]

The Truth about HOW and Creativity

Here’s the truth: HOW is not that important. In many cases, thinking too much about HOW can actually block the creative process and get you stuck. When presented with an issue, most of us default to something we have been taught, a specific approach that worked in the past. But what happens when this approach […]

They Say Frescoe Has “Leadership Presence” – Why?

Frescoe strolled into the arena, glanced briefly at the group, and proceeded to explore the space while sniffing the ground. The group was riveted to his every move. They had not met him before, but I asked them to describe his personality based on what they were observing and feeling. “He’s confident.” “Sure of himself.” […]

Strip Down for Success – Business Advice from a Horse

It’s almost Spring and my horse Cali reminded me that it’s a good time to start shedding and stripping down. Yes, losing a few pounds would be good but that’s not what I’m talking about. It’s about shedding those built-up meaningless layers of excess stuff and getting back to the truth in your work. It’s […]

Take RISKS for Success!

Organizing receipts and files for tax season can be daunting. Cold hard facts stare you down sparking mixed emotions. A stab of fear. The warmth of joy. Date-by-date, a reality check on the truth of your commitment, impact and influence at a moment in time. Each expense a reminder of your dedication and your willingness […]

Wisdom from the Winter Wetland

Wetlands are one of the most biologically diverse and productive ecosystems on earth. Their transformative properties can alter the chemical composition of substances including pollutants. They often serve as transition zones between open waters or rivers and terra firma. They are magical places. I studied wetland ecology as part of my Master’s Degree many years […]

Empower Sustainable Success!

Long-term success in business and life is based on sustainability – the ability to meet present and future needs and desires. It’s a dynamic state and requires reflection, adjustment, and repositioning to stay in balance. To be a thriving, happy success, you must pay attention to your own sustainability as well as that of your […]

Focus on Process NOT Goal!

After years of setting goals, talking about goals, helping others achieve goals, and achieving many of my own goals, I’ve decided that we have been focusing on the WRONG thing. It’s really NOT about the goal. What matters most is the PROCESS that you create and follow to achieve the goal. If you have an […]

A True Miracle for an Old Dog

Today my heart is full with faith in my fellow man. As I was driving to town this morning, an old dog staggered onto the road in front of me. He was a skinny thing, Labx, every rib visible, and he appeared to be blind. I pulled over to see if he had a tag. […]