Take the Reins to SUCCESS!

Take the Reins to SUCCESS!

New Group Training Starts January 2014


Shari Jaeger Goodwin with bookMy ALL NEW group training — based on the teachings in my best-selling book, Take the Reins! 7 Secrets to Inspired Leadership — will put you on the path to achieving your BIG GOALS.

We’ll blend proven business strategy with lessons from horses to optimize your potential.

And, as one of my clients says: “This Stuff Works!”

equestrian-estateLessons from the horses helped me take a business from $0 to $2.1 million in its first year — and enabled me to build the equestrian estate of my dreams.

Many of my clients have gained clarity, confidence, focus and joy … and had their best financial year ever!

But it wasn’t always like this for me.


For years I drove myself to exhaustion, always feeling like I needed to work harder, do “more” and be “more.”

I worked multiple jobs and long hours. I had some success. But at what cost?

Then I found a better way. By observing horses and nature and studying universal laws, I discovered how easy it can be to reach our goals when we release resistance and work from a place of trust and confidence.

And now, you can learn how to do this too. All from the comfort of your home. On the phone with ME as your guide.

This Unique Training Will Help You:


Each class will cover a chapter from the book and include a discussion and question and answer to help you develop the best strategy to meet your goals. Each participant will receive a signed copy of my book. Handouts will also be distributed.

I have dedicated my life to helping others achieve their business dreams and avoid the pitfalls that take you off-track.

Join us and make 2014 your best year ever!

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I know one thing for sure: investing in your own education is the best investment you can make. I am excited to share this special training with you and I look forward to working together!


Enroll Now: One Payment of $1,500.00

Enroll Now: Two Payments of $800.00 Each

When you select this option, your credit card (or PayPal account) will be charged $800.00 immediately. A second payment of $800.00 will be automatically charged to your credit card (or deducted from your PayPal account) 30 days from your purchase date.