Take The Reins! 7 Secrets to Inspired Leadership


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After 10 years of talking about writing a book, I finally did it and reviewers are calling it a “must-read!” This book blends the best of business strategy in leadership and sales with wisdom from my herd of horses. Each secret is supported by heartfelt true stories from my equine-assisted business coaching program. I’ve used these secrets to grow a start-up business to $2.1 million in its first year. I also used these secrets to successfully compete with my hot-headed little mare and design the life of my dreams. It took lots of bumps and bruises to learn these secrets! I hope you enjoy them. Here’s to your success! – Shari

Here’s a glimpse of some of our 5-Star Reviews:


I’ve read business books for over 25 years and this is my new favorite! Shari artfully explains the energy of leadership as she gives the reader a glimpse into her work with clients and horses. Each story is beautifully told and lovingly illustrates a leadership principle that is easy to understand and can be immediately put to use. I’ve purchased several copies as gifts for not only business associates but for young college students who want an authentic and productive school experience. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to understand how to easily harness the energy of leadership to make quick and powerful changes in their life.
– Diane Haworth, CEO/Owner, Foxfire Consulting

Take the Reins! convincingly demonstrates why authenticity in leadership is essential for effectiveness. Shari takes us on a profound journey into the energy of inspired leadership… Her resounding message through the wisdom of the horses is primal; we recognize its truth and honesty. She introduces us to critical enablers of how we can build strong energetic connections, show up with a powerful presence, foster commitment and ultimately great performance in ourselves and our organizations. A must read for anyone who wants to have the ability to reach beyond themselves and step into a powerful leadership presence.
– Jayne Warrilow, CEO/Owner, Jayne Warrilow International

Take the Reins! 7 Secrets to Inspired Leadership by Shari Jaeger Goodwin is a must-read for business professionals. It offers exceptional insight and provides valuable leadership tools that work! If you are ready to significantly expand your leadership skill set and optimize your performance in the workplace — this is required reading. I highly recommend it and am purchasing copies for fellow CEOs.
– Liz Casazza, CEO/Owner, Mountain View Marketing

As an avid lover of horses growing up, and an avid reader of leadership development as an adult, this book promised to merge two worlds that excite me. It was everything I hoped for and more… especially loved the stories of the horses. The examples showed us how we can build trust in our lives whether it’s with fur-covered or two-legged beings. Brilliantly simple and powerful.
– Helen Allen

I have read many books on leadership in the past, but I can safely say that [Shari’s] book has helped me more than any I’ve ever read. Full of insightful leadership advice and step-by-step instructions, she clearly explains the techniques she learned the hard way – by riding a head-strong, highly nervous, chestnut Thoroughbred mare… I highly recommend reading this book and applying her techniques.
– Bobbi McIntyre, Retired US Navy Captain, Owner/CEO, Fireside Memories

Shari inspires the reader to build energetic connections with others and allow the powerful leader inside to shine through. The journey the reader takes is powerful, valuable, and insightful…I highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking to take their business and brand to the next level and beyond!
– Victoria Panna, Clinical Mental Health Counselor